​Púca in the Machine

Púca in the Machine

Shane Finan, Alannah Robins and Niamh Fahy

8 October–5 November

Exhibition Launch: Please join us for the launch on Saturday 8th October, 12pm – 1pm. All welcome.

Artist Talk: FREE artist talk with Shane Finan on Myth-ecology and Technology, Saturday 5th November, 12noon – 1pm. All welcome.

In the 1930s in west Wicklow, Ireland, the rivers in the area of Poulaphuca were dammed and the valley flooded to create a new hydroelectric power station. The human residents of the valley were evicted prior to the flooding and theirvoices and the stories of those evictions have been recorded in numerous histories

In undertaking such a massive engineering project, homes of many wildlife were also inevitably destroyed. This exhibition is an exploratory collaboration between artists Alannah Robins, Niamh Fahy and Shane Finan who have worked on new interpretations, creating artworks that respond to the unique and unusual history, mythology and ecology of the Poulaphuca Reservoir.

Fahy’s responses have explored the edges and borders of the lake, where the shore meets the water and what this boundary suggests. Robins considers the shadows, reflections and other spaces of a submerged and unlived valley. Finan’s work straddles these ideas, as painted memory of place combines with electricity and the question of myth beneath the water.


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