Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson

Rebecca Dawson (b. 1997), is an artist from Straid, N.Ireland. She studied at Belfast School of Art, completing a BA Hons in Fine Art (including a Foundation Degree), between 2016-2020. Dawson is currently one of the painting graduates in residence for the BA Fine Art course at Belfast School of Art (2020-21).

Rebecca Dawson's Work

Artificial - Unnatural - Distorted

My practice explores how we interact and use landscapes, and spaces that we inhabit - particularly with environments that are assumed to be 'natural', but rather are constructed and have an artificial quality to them.

These ideas are explored predominately through the medium of paint, however my starting point and where most of my source imagery and references come from, tends to be on site drawings. I purposefully make quick sketches marking out different information that I see using pencils, coloured markers and/or charcoal. Drawing has become more central to my practice and how is it translated into painting through mark making, line, form and shape.

I tend to work intuitively with colour and with an openness to how the painting develops. Working across multiple canvases/surfaces/boards at once helps me to keep my practice quite experimental. Enabling me to explore this idea of a falseness to the landscape and the questioning of what is 'natural'?

False - Controlled - Grotesquerie

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Instagram: @rebeccadawsonartist

Rebecca Dawson
Rebecca Dawson
Rebecca Dawson

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