Claudia McClelland

Claudia McClelland

The yearning. The expiry.

Our absolution.

A desolate terrain of gagged proclamations, menaced toward solace. Masquerades of arcane other, cradled in ephemeral grasp. The wringed hand of fraught tomorrow is something too shall pass. Our mantled fear of cloven dawn, swathed in feigned affections.

A lazed consumption, gorged. A fervent glance, scorned. A revered touch, forlorn.

The fleshed sanctuary, now, bewitched to brute of plume. Oh, blest’d chalice of flora and fauna, quench our sordid trepidation. Penchants toward impish oblations, satiate. As beasts of field at peace with thee, our afflictions theirs to bare. Shackled, now, of fragility and woe.

The gnaw. The reminisce.

Our becoming.

Aberrant proclamations upon ‘new flesh’, contrives perforation of reality toward advocation of pure fantasy. The observance of quasi-ritualism, the purged nostalgia of beyond and masquerades of pseudo-desire lure phantoms into the fore. Of ostracism, and oft forsaken, their guise of candor nor fancy to laze in hankered reverie.

The nuanced pseudo-affinity toward human and kin of other. The ideology toward a subsistent non-human world proclaims a nexus of intimacy beyond actuality. The other; of neither speculation nor sincerity, is of bated breath in absent warmth and of yearned redolence, an oozing of threatening solace in lone seasons.

Claudia Rose is a multi-disciplinary artist utilizing pseudo materiality to contrive a physicality of aberrant beings that lures a psychological disobedience from the spectator’s sentient reality. The anthropomorphism drawn from nuanced associations, manifests charged associations that simultaneously transcends yet clarifies an affinity toward ‘body’ and kin. Recurrent questions of ‘body’ as an augmentation toward contemporary emergence; a thing derived from assimilations of other, performs to individual concerns and societal anxieties that a non-self is discernible amid a landscape of contemporary grievances.

You can find out more about Claudia and her work at:

Instagram - @claudroseart

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Claudia McClelland
Claudia McClelland
Claudia McClelland
Claudia McClelland

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