Day 12 - Easter Camp in

Day 12 - Easter Camp-in

Welcome to Day 12 of the Stay at Home Art Club! Today we have an Easter Challenge for you to carry out this bank holiday weekend! We challenge you to have an Easter Camp - in! Since we are all staying home, instead of having a camp out, have a camp in! In your garden or in the house find a cosy spot to pitch or make your tent, set it up however you'd like inside with sleeping bags, pillows, cushions, fairy lights or blankets to make it cosy! Pick some activities that you'd like to do on your Easter camp in, we have a list of suggestions below:

  • Campfire in the garden
  • Outdoor or inside the tent movie screening
  • Listen to some tunes in your tent, maybe have a tent disco
  • Have a BBQ outside
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Eat your Easter treats in your tent
  • Cuddle your pet in your tent
  • Have a teddy bears tent picnic
  • Have a family tent picnic
  • Grill marshmallows outside
  • Draw what you can see from your tent
  • Play with toys in your tent
  • Have a nap in your tent

There are so many activities that you can do while on your camp in! So set up your tent, get cosy and have some super family fun this Easter! Our next Kids Art Challenge will be posted after the Easter Bank Holiday on Wednesday 15 April so have fun with your camp in until then!

Don't forget to send us pictures of your camp in on Instagram or Facebook messenger so we can share them and inspire others to have their own camp in!

Happy Camping and have a lovely Easter from all of us at Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre!


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