Day 30 - Write your own Short Story!

Day 30 - Write your own Short Story!

Welcome to Day 30 of the Stay at Home Art Club and thank you for joining in our Creative Writing Week! This week we will be doing activities inspired by creative writing and teaching you a few tips and tricks to become a great story writer. Today our activity is to write your own short story. You can use our short story prompt printout below or if you don't have a printer you can use the story prompt:

One day I woke up and looked out the window, to my surprise I saw that my house was floating high up in the sky. I ran to my door and...

We want you to use your imagination to finish the story. We have a few tips to help you write a good story:

Tip 1: CREATE A CHARACTER - Decide who your main character will be, what age will they be, what will they look like?

Tip 2: CREATE A STRUCTURE - All good stories have a beginning, middle and end. We have given you the beginning, now think of how your story might progress, what will you do with a floating house, will your character meet someone else floating in the sky too? How might the story end, will the house keep floating forever or will you find a way to bring it back to earth!

Tip 3: CREATE CONFLICT - All stories need a little conflict or they can get a bit boring. Think back to your favourite books, they usually get most interesting when a problem occurs that needs to be solved. Think of a problem that could happen in your story, something exciting that your character needs to find a solution to.

Tip 4: FIND A RESOLUTION - Find a way to solve the problem or conflict you have created. We suggest that you make this part of the middle of your story, it can be a lightbulb moment where your character realises they have the solution to the problem that they didn't think they could solve. Think of something that the reader would least expect!

Tip 5: CREATE A SATISFYING ENDING - A good ending is very important in writing a story so think about what happens after the problem is solved and all your characters have found a resolution. Did they learn an important lesson and were they able to really solve the problem?

Remember to send us in any short stories that you write this week on Facebook or Instagram Messenger, you can use our writing prompt or just use the creative writing tips and create your own story from scratch! Lets stay home and get creative with words this week!

Happy writing from all of us at Roe Valley Arts and Cultural Centre!


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