Day 2 - Create your own House!

Day 2 - Create your own House!

Welcome to Day 2 of our Stay at Home Art Club for Kids! Today we will be creating our own fold out and stand up house. Todays art challenge comes to us thanks to A brilliant website with lots of very creative kids resources. Follow along with us below as we make our own stand up, fold out house! Remember to send us a picture on Facebook or Instagram when you've finished and why not send a picture of your house to a friend or family member too to remind them to stay home, stay safe and make art!


You will need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Colouring in pencils or paint

To make the house follow along below, for a pre-made printable house template click here:


Step 1: Fold your page in half and the fold down both top corners to meet. You have created the shape of a house.


Step 2: Turn over the folded house and draw on your windows and door.


Step 3: Cut out your window and doors.


Step 4: Cut out the folds along the roof and fold down inside so your house can open up.


Step 5: Start drawing your family, friends, pets or whoever you'd like to see in the house in the windows and doors.

IMG_4495.JPG#asset:13061Step 6: Colour in your house however you like and add lots of nice furniture inside! When you are finished you can open and close the windows and doors to reveal who is inside your house!


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